We offer online coach-led training courses that are a combination of online learning and optional in-person or virtual sessions. Book lessons, study and train whenever suites you in the comfort of your own home! These programs and mini courses have been designed to suite a flexible and supported approach to learning for dogs of all age groups and skill levels. We offer affordable options depending on the level of coaching you are after. Check out our courses or enquire today so we can match-make you and your dog to the most suited training option.

Trusted and qualified advice when it comes to raising a well-adjusted and obedient dog

Our main objective is empowering pet guardians through educational programs that give them access to building a better future with their dogs

Our programs deliver trusted and evidence based information when it comes to the care or training of your dog. A relationship based approach is central to our training philosophy so we place a large focus on bonding, building trust and working as a team with your dog throughout the skill building process.

Our training programs include:

  • Individual face to face lessons in your own home with a nationally accredited Dog Trainer

  • Instant access to a fully integrated online week by week coaching program

  • Supported learning & Flexible delivery

  • Access to step-by-step instructional videos

  • Access to ongoing training options to further your dogs skills

  • Access to course for 6 months from sign-up

  • Affordable learning

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